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Moog Sound Studio is an all-inclusive bundle of semi-modular synthesizers and accessories created to provide users with all of the equipment, cables, accessories, and educational tools needed to enter the world of analog synthesis for the first time or to continue to explore sound in an immersive new way. All you need is your own headphones or personal speaker and you're ready to get started! 

The newest Moog Sound Studio bundle builds on the existing two-synth options (Mother-32 + DFAM or Subharmonicon + DFAM) by offering the sonic power of all three Moog 60HP semi-modular synthesizers in one complete bundle.

Along with a duo of semi-modular analog synthesizers, each Moog Sound Studio includes a personal stereo summing mixer with 3-way power distribution to provide flexible signal routing and power your entire system conveniently from a single power supply. Also included are a series of guided exercises, exploration games, experimental patch sheets, imaginative studio art, and more to outfit your studio and take your synthesis skills to the next level. And of course, all of the cables and accessories needed to connect everything are included as well!

Moog Sound Studio takes the magical environment and hands-on learning experience of Moog installations found at events around the world and presents them in a way that empowers you to explore synthesis with joy and confidence from the comfort of your own home or studio.  

This is an exciting time to be a part of the growing synth community. The Moog Sound Studio is here to provide a meaningful electronic experience that informs, inspires, and nurtures synthesists at any point in the creative journey.  

Mother-32 is an intuitive and expandable semi-modular synthesizer that adds raw analog sound, powerful sequencing, and extensive interconnectivity to any creative, electronic, or modular ecosystem. Mother-32 Excels at Classic analog bass & leads and powerful step-sequencing with pattern memory.  

DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) is a semi-modular analog percussion synthesizer that empowers an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. DFAM Excels at Rich electronic drum patches and organic analog sequencing that breathes. 

Subharmonicon is a semi-modular polyrhythmic analog synthesizer that employs a 6-tone sound engine and multi-layered clock generator to explore the world of subharmonics, polyrhythms, and the unique relationships they create. Subharmonicon Excels at unique subharmonic chord shapes and intricate polyrhythmic sequencing.

Personal Stereo Summing Mixer and Instrument Cables  
This 4-input analog summing mixer (1/4" IN, 1/8" stereo OUT) features selectable mono or stereo configurations for versatile routing options, and the built-in 3-way power distribution hub supplies power throughout your Moog Sound Studio conveniently from a single power supply. The included instrument cables come in lengths and colors to compliment the system and reduce clutter.  

3-Tier Rack Kit  
Conveniently stack both synthesizers and the summing mixer together as one connected system to maximize studio space and orient instruments vertically for optimal interconnectivity.  

Cable Organizer and Custom Patch Cable Set  
The included patch cable organizer connects to the two-tier rack or mounts directly to any wall, keeping patch cables neat and orderly for a hassle-free workflow. A custom set of 15 patch cables has been selected in lengths, colours, and quantities to maximize system patchability.  

Guided Exercises, Exploration Games, and Experimental Patch Sheets 
Learning synthesis doesn't have to be intimidating! Included games and educational materials allow the player to explore at their own pace while enjoying the journey. Developed with artists who know these instruments best, these detailed and fun exercises are designed to accelerate your synthesis experience by exploring new skills to support your ongoing synthesis practice A perfect jumping-off-point for beginners or source of inspiration for the seasoned pro.  

Studio Art  
All original artwork, created by Jim Stoten (M32/DFAM) and Philip Lindeman (SUBH/DFAM), has been thoughtfully designed to aid users in the exploration of new imaginative worlds. The characters, poster, and objects that accompany each Moog Sound Studio come together to transform any space into an immersive creative environment.  

In the Box:
- Mother-32
- Subharmonicon
- 4-channel summing mixer
- 3-tier rack kit
- Patch cable organizer
- (15) assorted patch cables (4) 6, (6) 12, (5) 18
- (3) 1/4 custom green audio cables
- Philips head screwdriver
- Educational patchbook
- Exploratory games and art
- Dust cover with custom pattern

Moog Sound Studio Bundle - Mother 32, Subharmonicon & DFAM

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