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Channel G delivers the big board sound with unprecedented flexibility and seamless integration with the Avid D-Control and D-Command control surfaces.

Channel G is 3 plug-ins:

  • G Dynamics – a fully featured console style dynamics section with an Expander/Gate, Compressor/Limiter, and a versatile filter section

  • G Equalizer – a five-band professional grade console style EQ with a versatile filter section

  • G Console – a combination of the G Dynamics and G Equalizer configurations

All Channel G configurations feature calibration modes for music, post production, and models of the world’s most popular analog mixing desks.


  • Multi-mode filters (high pass, low pass, notch) with selectable slopes of 6 to 24 dB/Oct

  • Full featured Expander/Gate, Compressor/Limiter

  • Five-band EQ with shelving and parametric sections

  • Compressor/Limiter operation pre or post EQ section

  • Analog Saturation modeling

  • Double precision processing

  • Ultra low latency

  • Mono and stereo versions

McDSP Channel G Console HD

  • Licenses may take up to 24 hours to process and be delivered

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