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A legendary overdrive, updated for the modern player!
Forget your run-of-the-mill Klone : Jackson Audio's Optimist takes the tone and transparency of this mythical drive to unprecedented new sonic territory!
Designed in collaboration with Cory Wong, 

The Optimist retains the Volume, Tone, and Gain controls of the original, with Jackson Audio putting their own spin on the design with several welcome features.
Two unique EQ modes give you natural-sounding (OD 1) and flat-response (OD 2) overdrives, with your choice of independent or joint operation.
A standard 3-band EQ fine-tunes everything to taste, with all functions controllable via MIDI for endless tonal exploration.
Best of all, you don't need to dish out thousands of hard-earned dollars to make it yours!

Two EQ modes for experimentation.
Rather than stick with the standard Klone settings, Jackson Audio gave the Optimist its own flavor, headlined by a pair of EQ modes not found in other pedals.
The first mode (OD 1) channels the sound of this pedal's inspiration, complete with its one-of-a-kind midrange bump and unmatched transparency.
Flip on over to OD 2 and you'll instantly jack into a flat-range overdrive.

Highly responsive 3-band EQ.
Though an undeniable ode to one of music history's most famous pieces of gear, the Optimist's offerings extend far beyond its 3-knob counterpart.
Jackson Audio and Cory Wong decided on a simple 3-band EQ with +/-12dB boost and cut for tone shaping.
Based on the coveted Baxandall EQ, The Optimist's equalizer accents frequencies commonly associated with single-coils, bringing out more sparkle and shine!
And, since this EQ is tailor-made for guitarists, you can easily tackle shrill highs and muddy lows while dialing in that perfect clean sound.

Jackson Audio The Optimist Overdrive Pedal Features:
• Modern-day take on a legendary overdrive pedal.
• Designed in collaboration with Grammy-nominated guitarist Cory Wong.
• Standard controls for Volume, Tone, and Gain make it easy to find your sound.
• 2 unique EQ modes.
• EQ modes can be used independently or together.
• Features germanium diodes just like its inspiration.
• Active bypassable 3-band Baxandall-inspired EQ.
• Optional MIDI control over all functions.
• Power: 9V DC.
• Current Draw: 150mA.
• Dimensions: 2.7" X 4.87”.

Jackson Audio The Optimist Warped Edition - Cory Wong Signature Overdrive

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