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The Eventide PowerMAX V2 is a 7-pedal power supply that improves on the original PowerMAX design. It offers seven isolated power outlets that can fuel pedals of all power requirements. The first three inputs are locked in at 9V DC, which is ideal for powering Eventide pedals. Inputs 4–7 are switchable between 9, 12, 15, and 18 volts. No matter what power level your pedals need to operate at, the PowerMAX V2 can make sure each pedal gets what it needs. Players who regularly travel will appreciate the universal power input that accommodates input voltages from 90–265V. That's right; this power supply can play in Japan one week, Australia the next, swing through Greece, and finish off in the USA without experiencing annoying compatibility issues. If you're looking for a rock-solid power supply to power your diverse gear collection, choose the Eventide PowerMAX V2 7-pedal Universal Power Supply.

Eventide PowerMax V2

  • This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.

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