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ADAT Expander with built-in 8-slot 500 Series rack, high-performance A/D Conversion, and discrete analogue summing mixer. The perfect companion for your existing audio interface. 

500ADAT combines cutting-edge digital performance with tried-and-tested ADAT. The 500ADAT's high-current 8-slot 500 series chassis with digital conversion and ADAT is a powerful and accessible way to get your favourite analogue 500 series preamps, compressors, and EQs into your tracking and mixing digital workflow. Utilising high-end converters with 121dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low jitter (< 0.5 picoseconds) internal clocking ensures that every subtle nuance of your analogue signal is captured perfectly and sent via ADAT to an interface of your choice.

Transform your ADAT-equipped audio interface into an analogue powerhouse by adding up to 8 channels of expansion at up to 96kHz or 4 channels of expansion at 192kHz - while utilising the 500 series standard.

Zero-Latency Artist Mixer
Move away from clunky software mixers and get your hands back onto the mix by using 500ADAT's two aux busses to create pristine-sounding analogue artist mixes that can be blended with DAW playback, and sent to your musicians with zero-latency.

Discrete Summing Mixer
Give your mix the final bit of analogue character and send instrument groups and stems back-through your 500 series modules and into the discrete analogue summing mixer to be sent back into your DAW.

Portable, Dependable, and Made in the UK
Housed in a 4U, 19" rack mountable steel frame, 500ADAT lends it self perfectly to mobile recording setups. Designed with 3 rack-ear orientations, the 500ADAT will be well protected in a number of applications. You can recess 500ADAT into its rack ears to protect the front panel controls during travelling; you can also take those same rack ears and re-orientate them to become a carry handle.

Key Features

• 8in/8out ADAT Interface
Ultra low-latency ADAT Interface with SMUXII/IV transport.
8 channels at 44.1-96kHz, 4 channels at 192kHz.

• High-performance AD/DA conversion
ADCs = 121dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise ratio and - 112dB THD+N.
DACs = 127dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise and -115dB THD+N.
0dBFs = 26.5dBu for huge headroom when recording and the ability to drive modules for a wider range of effects.

• Master reference-quality internal clock
Capable of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, and 192kHz operation.
Sub 0.5 picoseconds of jitter. 
Dedicated Word Clock Input and Output via BNC.
External sync options using Word Clock BNC, or ADAT.

• Analogue summing mixer
8-into-2 analogue summing mixer with 26.5dBu of headroom and dedicated balanced 1/4" jack outputs.
CAST link port for increased expandability when used with Cranborne Audio 500R8 (sold separately).

• Zero-latency artist mixer 
Zero-latency analogue artist mixer with physical level/pan controls per channel and Aux Input blend controls.
2 high-power headphone outputs with independent blend and level controls

• High-current 8-slot 500 series rack

Cranborne ADAT500