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Add Triple Impact To Your Tracks

  • Parallel Aggressor lets you add parallel saturation and parallel compression from within one plugin window.
  • It splits your audio into three individual tracks: Saturated duplicate, Compressed duplicate, Dry Original.
  • Balance the three signals to add impact and punch while retaining the dynamics of your original track.

Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a big mix sound. By duplicating the same audio into multiple copies and processing each duplicate with different levels of intensity, you can add more presence to a track - while still preserving its natural dynamics. The technique is a staple of modern music production. 

Parallel Aggressor is based on this concept. Except, instead of routing any audio to external busses, the plugin hosts the parallel tracks internally - and has them calibrated for maximum impact from the get-go.

"Spank" offers a heavily compressed duplicate of your original track. "Heat" offers a heavily saturated duplicate. "Dry" is your clean audio. Work the two duplicates hard! Then combine all three signals to squeeze every last drop of sonic juice out of your track!

Parallel Aggressor comes with 25 presets created by friends of BABY Audio - including:

  • KurtCurt (Grammy nominated engineer for 2 Chainz, Diamond D, Wiz Khalifa)
  • Anthony Saffery (Producer for Portugal. The Man, Dirty Vegas, Cornershop)

Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason + more


  • Parallel Engine 1: Spank - "Spank" offers an addictively punchy parallel compression sound. Set the effect amount by dialing the main "Spank" wheel. Then use style injection buttons to control the behavior of the algorithm. Finally, use the volume slider to set the amount of "spank"/parallel compression you want blended in with your signal. Style injection buttons: Extra Punch, Extra Smack, Sidechain Filter, Mono.
  • Parallel Engine 2: Heat - "Heat" is a warm, analog modeled, saturation algorithm with an aggressive bite. It will add some rich, non-linear harmonics to blend in with your signal. Set the saturation intensity by dialing the main "Heat" wheel - then use the style injection buttons to control the behavior of the engine. Finally, use the volume slider to set the amount of "Heat"/parallel saturation you want blended in with your signal. Style injection buttons: Extra Hot, Tone, HP Filter, LP Filter.
  • Auto Gain - Engage "Auto Gain" to ensure that the combined level of the plugin's three signals roughly matches the input/dry level. This allows you to experiment with different internal mix balances while keeping a consistent plugin output. 
  • Setting the mix balance - Balance Parallel Aggressor's three parallel signals with the volume faders in the center of the plugin interface.
  • Mixing with the meters - The plugin interface's left and right side meters help you set the appropriate amount of "Spank" and "Heat" for any audio signal. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend you dial the Spank/Heat wheels to taste until the respective meters peak somewhere before the orange line.
  • Listening in solo: The solo buttons below the volume sliders let you monitor each parallel signal individually for fine-tuning purposes.
  • Display options - Switch between black, gray and white background colors. 


Tech Specs



OS X Mac OS 10.7 and up (including Native M1 Compatibility)

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX



Windows Windows 7 and up

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

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