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10 Industry-Leading Plugins

Our Industry Pro Bundle offers the most cost-effective way to get your hands on all of Baby Audio’s award-winning plugins. 

6 Modern Mix Effects:

    3 Retro Color Effects:

    • Bring the sonic signature of the analog era into your DAW with TAIP, Super VHS and Comeback Kid.

    1 Special Synth:

    • Finally, the Industry Pro Bundle includes our latest, and beloved, synthesizer plugin, BA-1.

    Whether you’re just starting out and looking to level-up your productions - or you’re a pro in search of new sonic color - our plugins are designed to help you take your musical journey further.


    BA-1 is Baby Audio's modern re-imagination of a cultish 1982 analog synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast. It brings you pure and authentic textures that are fast to program and dripping with color.

    Smooth Operator

    Smooth Operator combines the benefits of Resonance Suppression, Spectral Compression and Equalization into one, smart workflow. It offers a simplistic alternative to a traditional channel strip and lets you combat cluttered mixes more easily. Use the plugin to creatively sculpt your tonal balance while the algorithm automatically eliminates harsh resonances and muddy frequency areas. 

    Spaced Out

    Delay, reverb and modulation are some of the best ways to add depth and space to a track. These effects can sound great on their own. But when you combine them cleverly, the real magic happens, where the outcome is greater than the sum of its parts. Spaced Out unites delay, reverb and modulation into a singular “wet-fx powerhouse” with a contemporary and dreamy sound. It hosts more than 50 individual effects under the hood – all designed to compliment each other. 


    Tape recordings have a musical quality that digital mixes often lack. We wanted to bring this quality into the DAW in the most uncompromising way. 


    Contemporary mixes need punch. And to achieve maximum impact, without killing a track's dynamics, engineers turn to parallel compression (a technique that blends a dry track with a heavily compressed duplicate). IHNY-2 hosts a plug-and-play parallel configuration so you don’t have to set up any extra routing in your DAW. 

    Super VHS

    As kids of the 1980s we have always been drawn to the sound of slightly out-of-tune synths, warm tape saturation, gritty samples and grainy reverbs. So we set out on a mission to capture our favorite decade – and bring it into a new decade. Using Super VHS will be like sending your sounds back in time, then re-discovering them on a worn-out VHS tape 30 years later. All with the click of a single button, right inside your DAW.


    A perfect algorithmic reverb is often considered the holy grail of digital audio effects. Throughout the 20th century, algorithmic reverbs evolved thanks to companies like EMT and Lexicon. But limited computing power at the time forced manufacturers to work within narrow constraints. Fast forward, and we now have the resources to do things that couldn’t be done during the golden age of studio reverbs. Both in terms of sound quality and features.

    Comeback Kid

    It only takes two simple ingredients to transform dull sounds or vocals: A great idea and a great delay. Comeback Kid brings you the delay – and inspires you to come up with new ideas in a split second. The effect lay-out resembles the simplicity of the best hardware delays: There are no sub-menus or hidden features. Instead, you get 14 gratifying ‘shaping knobs’ for instantly sculpting your wet signal. Want a tape delay vibe for your lead synth? A modern slap on your vocals? A crunchy lofi echo on your guitars? Not a problem! The on-board parameters can cover an endless variety of styles when mixed and matched.

    Parallel Aggressor

    Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a big mix sound. By duplicating the same audio into multiple copies and processing each duplicate with different levels of intensity, you can add more presence to a track – while still preserving its natural dynamics. The technique is a staple of modern music production.


    Creative transitions between song parts play a vital role in keeping listeners engaged and excited. To make them, producers rely on multiple tracks and plugins – and a suffocating amount of automation lanes. Transit simplifies this process down to just one plugin. It hosts 18 powerful effect-modules, freely loadable across 7 slots. All effect parameters can be linked to a global Macro Control, which you automate to create complex FX transitions with one knob movement. The result: More engaging, less static, mixes.



    • BA-1
    • Smooth Operator
    • Spaced Out
    • TAIP
    • IHNY-2
    • Super VHS
    • Crystalline
    • Comeback Kid
    • Parallel Aggressor
    • Transit


    Tech Specs



    OS X Mac OS 10.7 and up

    Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX



    Windows Windows 7 and up

    Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

    Baby Audio Industry Pro Bundle

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