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Auto-Tune Artist (formerly Auto-Tune Live) is designed to meet the demanding needs of working musicians, producers, and live sound engineers. It includes all of the advanced real-time pitch correction features of Auto-Tune Pro, and is optimized for low latency performance on stage or in the studio. This version of Auto-Tune is also packed with powerful new features and enhancements, starting with a sleek new interface, redesigned for ease-of-use and optimal workflow. We’ve added Basic and Advanced Views so you can find the tools you need, when you need them. We’ve also added Flex-Tune for more natural and transparent pitch correction, Classic Mode for the “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” and Transpose for real-time pitch shifting. Compatibility with the Auto-Key plug-in (sold separately) means never having to worry about finding the key of your music before tuning. Auto-Key detects the key and scale and sends that information to Auto-Tune with a single click. Auto-Tune Artist also features Humanize to preserve subtle pitch variations on sustained notes, automatic Formant Correction, adjustable Throat Modeling, real-time MIDI Control, and advanced Vibrato Controls.



  • Intuitive interface, low latency for live performance, and powerful MIDI functionality
  • Auto-Tune 5 sound available in Auto-Tune Artist via the new Classic Mode
  • Create Vibrato controls allow you to add a custom synthesized vibrato to your audio
  • Edit Scale Display is used to create custom scales or to modify any of the preset scales selected in the Scale menu
  • Two different functions for handling incoming MIDI note data

Tech Specs



OS X macOS 11 and higher

Plugins: VST-3, AU, AAX



Windows Windows 10 and 11

Plugins: VST-3, AAX

Antares Auto-Tune Artist

  • Licenses may take up to 24 hours to process and be delivered

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