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A highly nuanced preamp/distortion pedal designed in collaboration with 1981s Matt Hoopes and Jon Ashley of Bondi Effects. Through four years of abandoned prototypes and circuit tweaking, Matt Hoopes thinks that he has emerged with something really special here. He wanted the DRV to be an extension of himself and what he personally needed from a distortion pedal. It is vintage minded in sound and concept. Matt finds that there is a wide variety of sounds that can be found from tweaking three highly interactive knobs, which is how he likes to tweak when he is finding a sound. 


Clear and harmonic-rich warmth with guitar specific midrange, which brings a lot of clarity to almost any instrument. Matt thinks he’s most proud of the lower gain sections of the pedal, where preamp meets distortion. The DRV has a unique dynamic range and sensitivity, where instead of going clean to slightly overdriven, it goes from clean to slightly distorted. The DRV also has a thick and yet clear fuzz sounds that you’ll find in the high gain settings. 

Built and wired in the USA. Vintage style through-hole components on the PCB. The DRV features off-board jacks and power enclosed in a uniquely subtle folded steel box. Each unit thus far is personally tested and hand numbered.

1981 DRV Black Hyperfade

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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